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'Ai Manuahi Farms
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& Organic Gardening Solutions
Truth is... Organic whole foods does the body good.
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Every Wednesday 
Windward Mall- Farmer's Market
3:00pm -7:00pm

Every Thursday
Kapolei High School- Farmer's Market
3:00 -6:30

Every Saturday
Wai'anae Mall- Farmer's Market
9:00am - 1:000pm

Pearlridge Mall- Farmer's Market
8:00am - 12:00pm

Ward Kaka'ako
8:00am - 12:00pm 

Every Sunday
Windward Mall- Farmer's Market
9:45am - 2:00pm

Kailua Elementary - Kailua Farmer's Market 
8:30am - 12:00pm
Where can I get Pa'i 'ai?
'Ai Manuahi Farms and Organic Gardening Solutions is family-owned and operated. We opened our doors in 2010, with the belief that everyone should have access to healthy, organic, produce. But why organic? Why produce?
Comparing pictures of Hawaiians from my childhood and now, I can see a dramatic decline in our health and stature. Very little thought if any is really put into the foods that we eat today, many of which are absolutely devastating to our bodies! Over the years I have noticed illnesses more common among our youth that only existed among the elderly. I sought further to find that many of the foods we eat today is conveniently available, or is it? What are we really eating? Are we really eating what is intended for us to consume or are we conveniently and unknowingly eating what large cooperation want us to eat in order to turn a profit? What price are we truly paying when we order out, heat ready to eat meals, or drink a drink that cannot be found in the natural world?
Take the plunge and challenge yourself to learn more about what made this fisherman turn back to the 'aina. Find out why organic, wholefoods does the body good!!!
Alika B. Sing